Product Information

Are your products gluten free?


Oh, you want more details? Okay well the thing is that grain-free also means gluten-free. We’ve had our products independently tested by a laboratory to ensure they are gluten-free and we work out of a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. We also have a bouncer at the door of our bakery and he doesn’t let gluten in, even if gluten offers to slip him ten bucks on a Saturday night.

Is your bread suitable for Diabetics?

Sure is.

Oh, again you want more details? Sheesh, pushy aren’t you. Well as a Type 1 Diabetic myself I can emphatically say yes! One of the biggest reasons we started making our own bread was to create a low-carb, gluten-free option that I could eat. Most gluten-free breads contain a high amount of starches and refined flours such as rice flour which play havoc with blood sugars. Because our bread contains moderate amounts of protein, fibre and good fats it will not spike your blood sugars. Another benefit is that it’s very filling, so you don’t need to eat a large amount to feel full!

Diabetics should be more mindful with the fruit loaf, as it contains raisins, dates and honey and can therefore raise blood sugars. We have balanced this out with cinnamon which is excellent for stabilising blood sugars. Although it contains more carbs than our savoury loaves it is still significantly lower in carbs than regular grain-based fruit bread.

Our pizza bases also contain some tapioca starch to give them crunch, so Diabetics should check the carb content and bolus accordingly. Our pizza bases, however, are also significantly lower in carbs that regular grain-based pizza bases.

How should I store the bread?

Because our bread contains absolutely no preservatives and is deliciously moist, we recommend that people store it in the refrigerator after they’ve purchased it. Storing it in the fridge is more important during summer, or if you heat your home above 22 degrees in winter.

How long does No Grainer bread stay fresh for?

Out of the fridge, the date and walnut loaf will stay fresh for twelve days (because of the cinnamon), everything else will stay fresh for nine days.

In the fridge, the date and walnut loaf will stay fresh for eighteen days and everything else for up to fourteen days.

The pizza bases will stay fresh for up to three months.

Please note that all these time periods assume that the products remain sealed in their packaging. Once you have opened any of the products they are best consumed within 4-7 days.

Can I freeze your bread?

Yes you can. We recommend freezing it for no longer than 2 months to retain freshness. You can either defrost it and eat it or toast it straight from the freezer. Expect to give it a couple of goes in the toaster though!

Does your bread come pre-sliced?

No, sorry, it doesn’t. Our bread doesn’t travel or keep as well if we slice it before before sending it out. We don’t even have a slicing machine!

Can your bread be toasted?

Yes it can, however, it does toast a little differently to grain-based bread and typically takes a little longer. It was really important to us to create a gluten-free bread that didn’t need to be toasted in order to be edible, so our loaves really shine untoasted and do not crumble to pieces if used for sandwiches!

Is No Grainer bread dairy-free?

Yes it is.

What? Even the chocolate buns!?

Dairy-free baby!

Is your bread vegan?

No, our bread contains eggs so it isn’t vegan. Although this may not be any consolation to all the committed vegans out there, we only ever use certified free range eggs.

These products are 100% vegan:

Pizza bases

Wraps (regular and sweet potato)

Crackers (all varieties)

Cookies (all varieties)

Is your bread certified organic?

Whilst most of our ingredients are certified organic, our almond flour is not. This decision was based on both the availability of the product and the cost. We initially started out using organic almond flour but it was often not available and this is not an option when you have stockists waiting for your product. Saying “Sorry no bread for 2 weeks while we wait for ingredients” is not really going to cut it!

We do, however, ALWAYS use Australian grown almonds that have been blanched so the skin is removed along with all the anti-nutrients.

Do you ship to the place where I live?

Well, that depends where you live. If it’s in the Northern Territory, or somewhere somewhere extremely remote, then sadly no.

Everywhere else  – we got you covered!

Your bread is really expensive.

That’s not really a question.

Alright.  Why is your bread so expensive?

Glad you asked. It’s because of our ingredients. We use expensive ingredients. Like seriously expensive premium and organic ingredients so awesome that even the queen can’t afford them. You’d be surprised how much profit we make on each loaf, it’s pretty gosh-darned slim; like – give our accountant a heart attack sort of slim.

Trust us, we are painfully aware that our bread is pricey. We wish it didn’t have to be, but you get what you pay for right? You buy a $2 loaf of bread and a 1978 Skoda hatchback and you’re going to break down halfway across a roundabout with spiking blood sugars and nothing nutritious in your body. Buy a No Grainer Loaf and a Ferrari, however, and people will key your car and think you’re a bit of a poser, but at least you’ll have just eaten the most delicious, healthy, nutritious bread that money can buy … the analogy may have gotten a bit lost in there somewhere, but we hope you get the idea.