Grain Free

The only flours used in our bread are made from almonds, coconuts & chia seeds so they’re rich in both nutrients & healthy fats.


Our bread is 80% lower in carbohydrates than regular whole wheat bread (Based on 41g of carbs per 100g in commercial whole wheat bread). With the addition of healthy fats, your blood sugars will remain stable & you’ll remain fuller for longer.


Starch Free

Whilst technically starches such as tapioca are grain free, they are also highly refined, very high in carbohydrates & will spike your blood sugars in the same way as regular white flour!


100% Paleo

Our bread contains no dairy, pseudo grains, bean flours or gums. Rather than use bean-based gums to bind our bread we have used organic psyllium powder so you’ll be getting a good dose of dietary fibre too!


Made with Premium Local & Organic Ingredients

We seek out the best quality ingredients we can & use local & organic ingredients wherever possible to create the tastiest, healthiest, most wholesome bread possible.


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We bake all online orders on Mondays and ship them on Tuesdays. We have found that we have to do this to ensure that everyone receives their bread before the weekend and as fresh as possible!
This is why we list 7-10 days as the potential time it may take for your order to get to you. If you order on a Tuesday night - we won't be baking your order until the following Monday. If you order on a Sunday however - you will receive your order a few short days later.
We sincerely apologise for this rigid schedule, but better that, than have bread sitting in courier depots for days. Thank you for your understanding!
Our sincere apologies to residents of the Northern Territory, but it has become evident that while the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 are in place, we cannot ensure that orders will reach you in time to ensure freshness. As a result, it is currently not possible for NT residents to order from the online store.