Classic Almond Loaf

Our classic almond loaf is a fluffy and flavoursome bread that is perfect for sandwiches and complements both sweet and savoury toppings. Unlike other gluten free breads it doesn't require toasting in order to be edible! It is also extremely flexible so you won't end up with a big pile of crumbs at the end of your sandwich like you often do with gluten free bread.

This loaf is a favourite with kids as it doesn't contain any 'bits' like our seeded loaf and has a lighter feel that many of our young taste testers prefer.

Paleo and ketogenic diet friendly

Mixed Seed Loaf

Our Mixed Seed Loaf is for those who prefer a denser more multi-textured bread. We've taken our classic loaf & amped it up a notch by adding a huge helping of organic white & black sesame seeds & pepitas.


Because of its density, this bread is the perfect base for a fully loaded open sandwich as it won't cave under the pressure of multiple toppings.

This loaf is a favourite amongst most of our adult taste testers who love a bit of crunch & texture to their bread as well as the added health benefits of organic seeds.

Paleo and ketogenic diet friendly

Date, Raisin & Walnut Loaf

Out of all our breads, this is the one that people go most nuts for - maybe that's because we've absolutely crammed it with nuts? Or maybe it's the lashings of organic dates & plump raisins? Actually, we think it's both. This bread is part cake, part fruit loaf & part something else entirely. Many people say they've never tasted fruit bread like it.

With the added sweetness of organic honey & cinnamon, this loaf is absolutely bursting with flavour. It's so good we eat it on its own but it's also delicious smothered in grass fed organic butter.

Spiced Chocolate & Date Buns

Our scrumptious & spicy buns use Loving Earth Chocolate which is rich in cacao rather than unhealthy emulsifiers, milk solids & refined sugar. We only use the best ingredients so that with each bite you are getting dietary fibre,  protein, iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamins B & E & antioxidants.


Our buns are perfect for morning or afternoon tea. They are delicious straight from the pack or slightly warmed & slathered in butter.

Pizza Bases

These Paleo pizza bases have convinced even the most hardcore, white-dough, pizza lovers to switch to our healthy, low carb version. With their light & crispy texture & subtle nutty flavour they compliment any topping to create a truly delicious pizza experience that won't leave you feeling bloated.


Many people have told us that they love the bases so much, they eat them on their own as crackers. Doesn't sound crackers to us - we do the same thing! They really are that tasty.

Fig & Apricot Loaf

This delicious loaf is  bursting with nuts & organic fruit. It is made using only carefully selected premium ingredients. It contains dietary fibre,  protein, calcium, iron, vitamins A,B & E,  antioxidants & a host of other beneficial minerals.


Enjoy it with both sweet & savoury toppings, it is the perfect addition to a cheese platter.

Olive & Rosemary Loaf

This tasty loaf uses premium & organic ingredients, is 100% paleo & is very low-carb with only 2g of net carbs per serve! It is made using  juicy, organically grown Mount Zero olives and fresh rosemary. Because it's made with almond flour, it's a great choice for boosting heart health, balancing blood sugars & improving energy levels. No Grainer Olive bread is also a good source of vitamin E, iron, magnesium, potassium & calcium.


Our olive & rosemary loaf is full of flavour & is the perfect accompaniment with a hot soup or antipasto.

Paleo and ketogenic diet friendly

OH-MEGA Hemp Buns

Most people struggle to get enough Omega 3 fatty acids into their diet, that’s why we decided to give our Oh-Mega Buns a nutritional boost by cramming in three of the best plant sources of omega 3’s  - hemp seeds, flax seeds & chia seeds. These amazing seeds are also rich in protein and fibre, along with a host of other beneficial vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. With a soft & fluffy texture, our Oh-Mega Buns make the perfect burger bun, especially for those on low-carb & keto diets. Burgers are back on the menu!

Paleo Wraps

No Grainer Paleo Wraps are perfect for anyone following a gluten-free, keto or Paleo diet. They are super low-carb and contain only pure, wholesome ingredients, with absolutely no emulsifiers, gums or weird numbers.


You can now turn your favourite meals like tortillas, enchiladas, kebabs &  gyros into healthy grain-free treats. Try pan frying them in olive oil & making flat breads with dips, or oven baking them to enjoy as a keto pizza - the possibilities are endless!

No Grainer Paleo Pancake Mix

Our Paleo Pancakes are so simple to prepare, all you need to do is add liquid. We have sourced only the best ingredients for these pancakes:
organic green banana flour from far North Queensland that is high in gut friendly resistant starch & potassium, organic superfood powders
lucuma & mesquite to give an extra boost of vitamins & minerals such as zinc, lysine, iron & calcium & organic coconut flour that is rich in fibre & MCT’s.

No Grainer Almond Flour

At No Grainer we just adore almond flour. It's delicious, nutrient dense, low-carb & it bakes beautifully. Something else that it’s great for is crumbing. When fried, it has a wonderful crisp texture that lends itself to many dishes & flavours.

Our premium almond flour is made from Australian almonds and is perfect for all your grain-free baking needs